Yuko Murata

Yuko Murata (Kanagawa, Japón - 1973)


Vive y trabaja en Tokio.

La composición simple de lineas y formas minimalistas de Yuko Murata está influenciada por la pintura tradicional japonesa del siglo XVIII. El objeto de sus cuadros proviene de postales antiguas, folletos turísticos y enciclopedias. Murata desviste imagenes de objetos y lugares especificos y las convierte en pinturas que flotan en el espacio y podrían pertenecer a cualquier lugar.


Born in Kanagawa, Japan, 1973
Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan

Yuko Murata's simple compositions of minimal lines and forms are deeply influenced by 18th Century Japanese paintings, when artists were challenged to create an artwork with minimum colours and objects. The subjects in her paintings are derived from existing photos such as old post cards, tourist leaflets, and encyclopaedias. Murata strips these images of their original purpose and transforms them from photographs of specific places and things into pictures of 'somewhere' and animals that could be anywhere at all.

Yuko Murata studied at the Tokyo Art School, Setsu Mode Seminar, graduating in 1995. Recent solo exhibitions include: “the Songs of Birds,” Lammfromm, Tokyo, Japan and “Ikejiri Institute of Design”, curated by Hideo Nakayasu, Tokyo. Since 2002, she has exhibited in Tokyo at Gallery Side 2. Group exhibitions include “New and Rising Artists 2007”, curated by Norimasa Nishimatsu, at the Pola Museum Annex, Tokyo in 2007, and in 2006, “Dirty Yoga”, curated by Dan Cameron, Taipei Biennial, Taipei Fine Arts Museum.