Imon Boy

1991, Málaga, España
Reside en Málaga

Imon Boy (1992) has spent years in the world of graffiti, alternating between street art and other studio projects, in a parallel yet enriching manner. In a self-referential way, he brings all which has made him who he is into the artistic realm: graffiti, videogames, internet, cinema, music, or travel, to create stories marked by cartoonish characters in seemingly comical situations. The key factor in his production is the union of these pop elements with his curiosity for drawing and the search for the expression of irony, quirkiness, and joy within new forms and scenery. His works are full of bright and colourful detail which, influenced by pop and graffiti, evoke in the observer a sense of playfulness to take life less seriously by.


Cute but cop. Yusto/Giner Gallery, Marbella


El Álbum. Montana Gallery, Barcelona.

Mis amigos. Casa Sostoa, Málaga.


Cosas de casa. La Causa Galería, Madrid

Random Series. Contorno Urbano, Barcelona

2017 Street Views. Programa Dmencia, Doña Mencía. Córdoba



Estampa, Madrid. Yusto/Giner Gallery

Urvanity, Madrid. Yusto/Giner Gallery


7 Years, Vertical Gallery. Chicago

Opening, Reduced Lunch Gallery. Los Ángeles

URVANITY Art Fair, La Causa Galería. Madrid


The incuvator, Martinez Gallery. New York City.

From here to There, Arcade Art Gallery. Taiwan

URVANITY Art Fair, Tramontana. Madrid

DISTRICT 13 Art Fair, La Causa Galería. París

New Rave, Affenfaust Galerie, Hamburgo


Estado natural, Galería Birimbao. Sevilla.

Currency, District Gallery. Quezon, Filipinas.

2017 BIUNIC, II Bienal Universitaria Andaluza de Creación Plástica Contemporánea, Sevilla
2016 Maniac Mansión, Good Space Gallery. Sydney, Australia
La Térmica. Málaga

CAC de Málaga, Málaga

Ayuntamiento Doña Mencia, Córdoba