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ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art

11 Nov @ 00:00 - 13 Nov @ 23:59


ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art

11/13 NOV · 2022

Ur solo project for ART021 Shaghai, created by Imon Boy, a personal proposal which he makes us travel through space.

“My frustrated dream, to go to space. Everyone knows that I almost made it, but the excess of musculature made me fail the physical tests.
There was even the possibility of going up into space with my cat Benito, who is also trained to do so.
I focused on the painting and the street and erased that dream from my mind. I only have the memory of years of studying, testing, high G training, space food. My astronaut suit and Benito’s are stored in my closet forever.

As usual, I tell everything I live through my works. Past, present and future. Paintings are my diary. For my next solo show I have painted a series of space canvases. Soon I will give more information about all this.
I find it curious that while I was creating these paintings, I received an offer for a small space mission not far away. Set base on Mars to study Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s satellites. It is an interesting project for me, but a few months ago I adopted a new cat in the family, Pompón. He is a bit chubby, he just loves to eat and sleep. He’s extremely loving. He will never pass the physical tests for space travel. • I can’t leave little Pompón alone for 450 Earth days.
I think I will continue painting…”

Imon Boy.

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11 Nov @ 00:00
13 Nov @ 23:59
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