Fran Baena

1999, Lives and works in Priego de Córdoba, España.

Fran Baena (Priego de Córdoba, 1999) tries to establish a link with the adolescents of today and the dire tomorrow that seems to be coming, constructing a work that embodies a friend to cry with and laugh, in this way creating evidence of the aftermath of contemporary sadness, in the same way that rock and alternative music bands have done since the 80s.

His painting is particularly linked to the post-internet world, highlighting the poetic politics that implicate painting and the images consumed on the web. Paying special attention to the irony currently used to laugh at our misfortunes as a last resort,  he does this through the analysis of sad and cynical memes and songs. His work is a record of the uncertainty of our contemporary tragicomedy, together with a deeply existentialist philosophy: Of being so alive that one only thinks of death.

Because no depressed person wants to die, they merely wish to escape from life.

2017-2021 GRANADA Grado universitario en Bellas Artes. Facultad Alonso Cano

Salon Brand New. Centro Cultural Conde Duque. Madrid.

Identidad en la sala. Palacio de Condes de Gabia. Granada.

3×4. Fundación Rafael Botí. Córdoba.

Variaciones sobre el Bodegón del Cardo de Sanchez Cotán. Galería Fúcares. Almagro, Ciudad Real.

Exposición_1. Colectivo Acta. Palacio del Almirante. Granada.

Under 35 #5th edition. Galería GACMA. Málaga.

Post-Pandemónium. Colección Museográfica Gilena. Sevilla.


Premios Alonso Cano a la Creación Artística 2020 de la Universidad de Granada. Palacio del Almirante. Granada.

Plantas de Interior. FACBA’20. Hospital Real de Granada.


Valientes Gamberros. Estudio22. Logroño.

2019- Las líneas del destino. Sala de exposiciones facultad Alonso Cano, FACBA’19. Granada.

2018 Arte Aparte X. Centro Cultural de Arte Contemporáneo Juan Francisco Casas. La Carolina.
2017 Festival de Arte Wasqha. Sala Albayate. Almedinilla.

Premio Adquisición Colección de Arte Contemporáneo de la Universidad de Granada

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