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23 Feb - 30 Mar




23FEB / 30APR  · 2024



Carlos Pesudo



The best place to have an artistic epiphany is, without a doubt, the atmospheric synesthesia of a good party.

Nothing more intoxicating and suggestive than a few acquaintances and strangers in the same environment, united by the wonderful syndrome of fun. Intermediate light, music, with or without pairing, this break from normality generates in us a predisposition to pleasure, immediate and collective joy in the same social environment. Ambrosia of the gods for creative spirits.

Carlos Pesudo decides in “El Guateque” to name as muse, all the energy that surrounds these encounters, being aware that, out of the routine habit, the blur, generates a new approach.

In this group of works we find a kind of plastic pyrotechnics where the apparent organic forms are transmuted at the last second to give life to an abstract, impulsive and fierce narrative.

We still dance out of the intoxicating festive oxygen but in the process of the studio, the dance is different. There is no tragedy without joy and no “El Guateque” without darkness.

Sensitive states and recurring thoughts are sweetened in a superstitious ritual, crossing again and again their own spider’s web in search of reaching the superior force of creation.

From the chinesque shadows and not from the shadow that has no light, doubts look for successes. Too many lives in that last stroke, too many minutes before that gesture.

This process full of sensations and acts is marked by an escapist spirit that, faced with the possibility of generating certainty in the forms, plays with ambiguity, starting from the essence but erasing all traces of the obvious.

Like the steps of a dance that we cannot remember, our eye perceives this rhythmic abstraction as familiar. In this false optical illusion we see his world appear, a small inner wild jungle, full of memories and vital fragments that are now frames blurred in strokes.

We find the smile of the moon jumping at whim from frame to frame illuminating each piece with its joke. Insects flap their wings in an eternal “butterfly effect” that circulates throughout the day and night while nature dances.

“El Guateque” is an expressionist jungle that without a physical mask but with the best of disguises, executes in its unity the roles and alter egos of all the unknown people of this great celebration, leaving in its wake a trail of mystery and laughter like someone passing from group to group in the middle of a party.

Like the diffuse memory of a great night, magnetic and provocative, this is the plastic of the uncontrolled.

Victoria Rivers.


23 Feb
30 Mar
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Yusto/Giner Gallery
C/Madera nº9
Marbella, Málaga 29603 España
+34 951 507 053