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18 Nov - 30 Jan




18NOV / 30JAN  · 2023/2024



Madison Skriver



I believe there is a magic that is inherent to painting, transmuting thoughts and feelings into visual form is its own mystical act. Symbolism is a part of this magic, I’m particularly interested in how certain images embed themselves within the subconscious mind, weaving through time as perpetuated paradigms and archetypes. I try to imbue some of that mysticism into my paintings by using saturated color palettes, juxtaposing elements of realism with flat, graphic surfaces and referencing both ancient and modern images and symbols.

Drawing inspiration from the profound insights of psychoanalyst Carl Jung, I delve into the concept of the “shadow self.” This hidden aspect of human nature, often repressed or unacknowledged, acts as a counterweight to the persona—the self we present to the world. Within the shadow self lies the enigmatic mysteries of our darker impulses and the pain we both inflict on others and endure ourselves in the human experience. Through my work, I invite viewers to contemplate the complexities of human psychology and the enigmatic forces that shape our lives.

Nostalgia, that bittersweet longing for moments past, is a powerful and haunting emotion. It stirs the soul, emphasizing the intricate predicament of human existence. My aim is to convey the profound and sometimes melancholic aspects of nostalgia, inviting viewers to reflect on their own journeys through time. My fascination with mid-century pop culture and its timeless aesthetic has become a cornerstone of my artistic expression. I purposefully integrate elements from this era into my work, creating a sense of familiarity tinged with the uncanny. Much like the haunting qualities of nostalgia, the energetic imprint left by mid-century America has become an influential ghost in my art, continually shaping and informing my painting practice.

Original text by Madison Skriver.

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18 Nov
30 Jan
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Yusto/Giner Gallery
C/Madera nº9
Marbella, Málaga 29603 España
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