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2 Dec - 14 Feb




2DEC / 14FEB  · 2023



PDA.Public Displays of Affection

Curated by Mollie E.Barnes


Ofunne Azinge / Precious Opara / Giorgio Celin / Kyle Coniglio / Awolaja Raymond / Adrian Armstrong / Hiejin Yoo / Dada Khanyisa / Kate Meissner / Saelia Aparicio / Alya Hatta / Fa Razavi


Some may recoil from memories of clammy palms, inappropriate bouts of kissing and all too questionable groping… while others reminisce on hand-holding, fingers brushing and a touch on the small of your back.

Public displays of affection generate different reactions from different people. These reactions are often dependent on factors of culture, age, personality and ideals. What is appropriate levels of PDA to some, is unacceptable to others. PDA occurs between passionate lovers, embracing friends and the simple firmness of a parent’s hand around yours.

Depictions of Public Displays of Affection (PDAs) have been prevalent throughout art history. From ancient Roman frescoes and ancient Indian carvings in the Khajuraho temples, to contemporary performances, artists have consistently showcased forms of physical affection to challenge stereotypes, break down barriers, and celebrate diversity and love in all its forms. PDA throughout art has reflected a variety of attitudes and cultural values of different societies and periods with artist’s often using PDAs to challenge societal norms and advocate for marginalised communities. The portrayal of PDAs has, however, also been subject to these norms, censorship, and even legal restrictions.

This series of contemporary works, brought together by curator Mollie E Barnes, explore fleeting, or drawn out, moments of intimacy in public or crowded spaces. Exhibited works are particularly poignant in 2023. Public Displays of Affection are a phenomenon that (for better or worse!) have been absent from our society during the last few years. As rules raced, handshakes, bum slaps, high fives, cheek caresses and snogs, all halted.

Of course, ‘PDA’ was destined to manifest in a physical show. Exploring the very ideas of exhibitionism and of being on display, is tantamount to this collection of works. As with modes of affection, the artist’s work will sit on exhibition to the wider public, arousing feelings in both the creators and the viewers.

Mollie E. Barnes

Ángeles Agrela, un modo femenino de mirar.

Ángeles Agrela, un modo femenino de mirar. Autor: Fernando Castro Flórez Localización: Descubrir el arte, ISSN 1578-9047, Nº 302 (abril), 2024, págs. 60-63 Resumen Esta artista multimedial, que ha logrado sintetizar la felicidad que le proporciona el arte, compone...

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ONE OF US: Yann Leto conversation with Manuel Ocampo

        Yann Leto: ONE OF US Exhibition: 3th September – 16th October, 2022 Conversation with Manuel Ocampo   Manuel Ocampo: You mention Freaks in your statement. What a movie! Do you feel yourself or your work have an affinity with the grotesque?...

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