Ana Barriga

1984, Jerez, España.
live and job in Madrid.

Ana Barriga (Jérez, 1984), Bachelor of Fine arts by the University of Seville, currently lives and works in Madrid. She works with mixed media, using oil, enamel, felt pen, and spray, which she uses as an act of vandalism towards her own paintings, a hallmark of all her work. In her art, she deals with themes of transcendental importance such as life, death, love, sex, or human relations. All her work follows an identical process in her search for the balance of emotion and reason: she rescues objects that are aesthetically playful or cute and intervenes on them by recontextualising and crystalizing them through her creative process. The result: a lively and colourful aesthetic which complements the relation between the definitive image and the title of the work, often eloquently punctuated and marked by irony.

2014 SEVILLE MA Art Idea and Production.
Fine Arts Degree, University of Fine Arts, Seville.
2009 SEVILLE Diploma of Higher Education in Plastic Arts and Design in Art Applied to Stone
2005 CADIZ Diploma of Higher Education in Furniture design
2002 JEREZ Associate Degree in Artistic Woodworking


2020 La vida del difunto, Yusto/Giner Gallery, Malaga, Spain.
2020 Maní, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London
2019 De Animales a Dioses, Andalusian Centre of Contemporary art (CAAC), Seville, Spain.
2018 Charleston, Lambada y Perreo, BIRIMBAO Gallery, Seville, Spain. 
2017 Ni Trono Ni Reina, Yusto/Giner Gallery, Malaga, Spain.
2015 El Hombre y la Madera, BIRIMBAO Gallery, Seville, Spain. 
2014 Campana de Cosméticos, Contemporary art show D Mencia, Spain.
2013 Panel de Control. Pintura Fragmentada, Iniciarte, Seville, Spain. 

BMural. Barcelona, Spain

KNOTENPUNK Festivas. Affenfaust Gallery, Hamburg, Germany


 Universes. Imola, Italy               

Arte Santander. Santander, Spain 


ARCO. Madrid, Spain


 Ensoñaciones, SC Gallery. Bilbao, Spain 

El aire que nos llega, Birimbao Gallery. Seville, Spain

ABC, Cadáver exquisito. Madrid, Spain


 14ª Muestra de Arte Gas Natura Fenosa, MAC. A Coruña, Spain

Estampa, Yusto Giner Gallery. Malaga, Spain                                

Arte Santander, Yusto Giner Gallery. Malaga, Spain     

CREADORES 2016, La Térmica. Malaga, Spain.                            

De la pintura, EL SUR, MAD. Antequera, Spain              

Paraísos Artificiales, Las Naves. Valencia, Spain.              

Málaga Crea. Centre for Contemporary Art,Malaga, Spain.             

Premio de pintura, Algemesi City. Valencia,  Spain.    

Gramática y bricolaje, Yusto Giner Gallery. Malaga, Spain


 NEIGHBOUR III. Centre for Contemporary Art,Malaga, Spain   

BEAUTY, MAD. Antequera, Spain                 

INCOMPLÉTUDES. ESPAI TACTEL Gallery, Valencia, Spain   

CASA LEIBNIZ, Santa Bárbara Space. Madrid, Spain.                     

ON COLOR, New Spanish Contemporary Painting. SCAN. 123         

Pop-up Gallery in Brick Lane, London                                               

Arte Santander, Espai Tactel Gallery. Valencia, Spain                       

Casa Leibniz, Espai Tactel Gallery. Valencia, Spain


 XVI International call for young artists OPEN CALL, Luis Adelantado Gallery. Valencia, Spain.                                                       

X Premio de pintura Club de Arte Paul Ricard, Seville   International Exhibition.                                                                   

Alcala City Prize XLV, Alcalá de Henares. Madrid.     

International Exhibition Plastic Arts Valdepeñas.   Valdepeñas, Spain.                                                                                     

 7º Unia Painting Prize. Huelva, Spain                               

National Art Prize l LXVII JOSÉ ARPA, Spain               

National Contemporary Art Contest of Urtrera City, House of Culture, Seville, Spain.                                                               

Miradas de Mujer, “La Caja China” Contemporary Art Gallery, Seville, Spain.


 IX Painting Prize Club of Art Paul Ricard. Seville, Spain.    

XV International contest of fine arts of A CEC. Cadiz, Spain    

Fine arts Contest FOCUS ABENGOA, Hospital de los Venerables. Seville, Spain                                                                             

Fine arts Contest University of Seville CICUS. Seville, Spain                                                                                                                  National Contest of Art l LXVI National Prize of Painting JOSÉ ARPA, Santa Clara. Zafra Museum, Jaen, Spain


Que vienen los Bárbaros, [El futuro, como tantas otras veces… acaba llegando] Curated by: Ignacio Tovar, Sema D’Acosta. (CAS) Arts Centre Seville, Spain.                             

Z.Jornadas de Arte, I Days of Contemporary in Montalban. Cordoba, Spain.                                                                               

National Contest for Contemporary Art of the City of Utrera, House of Culture, Seville, Spain.


 XVI Contest for youth expression, Sala Paul. Jerez de la   Frontera, Spain                                                                                           

3ª edition of IKAS-ART, International show of University Art,   Bilbao, Spain                                                                                 

Exhibition Centre. Barakaldo, España                                         

XIII Painting Contest Gruas Lozano, Cajasol Hall. Seville,  Spain. 

VIII Painting Prize, Art Club Paul Ricard. Seville, Spain

XIII Fine Arts show (CEC), Cadiz, Spain

¿Quién teme al rojo, amarillo y Azul?, Aparejadores Foundation. Seville, Spain

ME & MY FRIENDS, El Butrón Hall, Seville, curated by Jesus Reina. Spain

Las Mil y Una Historias, Murnau Art Gallery. Seville, Spain

Certamen Nacional de Arte Contemporáneo Ciudad de Utrera, Sala de la Casa de la Cultura, España

VIII National Painting Contest Juan Roldán. Seville, Spain


XVII Fine Arts University of Seville CICUS, University of Seville, Spain

Grúas Lozano Painting Contest, Cajasol Hall. Seville, Spain.

Life and Actuality of the Drawing IIII, Casa de la provincia, organized by D. Juan Fernández Lacomba. Seville, Spain.

Libro de artista, exhibitions hall of the Complutense library. Madrid, Spain

Certamen Nacional de Arte Contemporáneo Ciudad de Utrera, House of Culture, Spain


Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery Residency, London FACBA,

University of Granada Daniel

Vázquez Díaz, Huelva Radical Residency.

Gallery Unit 1, London Public Prize

Canal Sur Radio. Canal Sur Radio, Andalucia.


Void projects, Miami Generations, Montemadrid foundation.

Casa Encendida, Madrid XIX National Painting Contest.


DKV Prize, Estampa fair.

T0 Gallery, Madrid

International Painting Prize Focus. Seville

XXIII National Art Contest, University of Seville, CICUS. Seville


Accésit XII Painting Prize Paul Ricard, Seville

EMERGENT Grant. Torremolinos, Malaga

Second Prize Malaga Crea. Centre for Contemporary Art (CAC), Malaga

Accésit Algemesi City, Valencia

Creadores 2016. La Termica, Malaga


National Contest of Contemporary Art,  City of Utrera.

House of Culture, Seville

XLII International Contest of Landscape. Alcalá de Guadaira, Seville

Seville Grant ‘Es Talento’.

ICAS, Seville


Collaboration Grant, Departament of Painting. Fine arts faculty of Seville, Seville

XVI Prize Contemporary Art Show of Memcia, Cordoba

National contest Prize PINTURA UNIA. House of Culture, Huelva

National Contest of Contemporary Art, Utrera City of Art. House of Culture, Seville


Iniciarte Grant, Panel de Control. Pintura Fragmentada, exhibition project in Kastelar Hall, Seville

Acquisition Prize Plastic Arts Contest. University of Seville CICUS, Seville

ACCÉSIT l LXVI National art prize JOSÉ ARPA. City Hall Carmona, Seville


Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Art (CAAC), Seville

Canary Islands Foundation for the development of painting (FCDP)

Colección DKV. Antequera City Hall, Malaga

focus foundation Abengoa, Seville

CICUS, University of Seville, Seville

Malaga City hall, Malagacrea, Malaga

Torremolinos City hall, Malaga

La Térmica. Malaga

CAC de Málaga, Málaga

Alcalá de Guadaira City hall, Seville

Doña Mencia City Hall, Cordoba

Zafra Museum, Cordoba

CICUS, University of Seville, Seville

Jerez City Hall, Seville

Grúas Lozano, Seville.

Utrera City hall, Seville.

Colección Modus Vivendi, San Sebastián

Yusto/Giner participates in Estampa April 2021

Yusto/Giner participates in Estampa April 2021

Estampa 2021 08.04 - 11.04.2021 Yusto/Giner participates in Estampa with the following: Julio Anaya Cabanding Victoria Maldonado Ana Barriga Imon Boy Emmanuel Lafont Maria Pratts   In: IFEMA, Madrid

Ana Barriga. Plantas de interior. Taller

Ana Barriga. Plantas de interior. Taller

“Plantas de interior”, un taller artístico con Ana Barriga en tiempos de encierro. El Festival de Artes Contemporáneas de Bellas Artes (FACBA) propone la realización de un taller de creación con la artista Ana Barriga. La actividad dará comienzo el próximo martes 31...